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Rules and regulations

The competition is open to violists of all nationalities aged max. 30 years (incl.). All live competition rounds and concerts are open to the public, competitors do not play anonymously. Piano accompanists (second round) will be available for all competitors. Audio or video recordings made during the competition may be used for promotional purposes without any further consent from the competitor(s). No copyright related to the aforementioned use of recordings is applicable.

1st round of the competition will be completed via videorecording, 2nd and 3rd round will be in the Concert hall of the Prague Conservatory in PragueOctober 3 - 6, 2024. Deadline of the application with the videorecording of the 1st round is July 2nd, 2024. The decision on admission to the competition will be release by 16 of July 2024 at the latest, the accepted candidates will be informed by email.

  • Unedited VIDEO recording should be in the avi, mov, mpg, wmv, mp4, mkv with the 1st round repertoire. The quality of the recording should meet high standard. The videorecording must be recorded as a one video without cuts between pieces. The video should be filmed from a fixed camera angle; musician´s hands and face must be entirely visible all the time. Please upload the 1st round recording to YouTube (preferable) or any cloud server (Dropbox, iCloud etc.) and include the link in your online application

  • Registration fee EUR 95 (must be paid together with the application). The entry fee is non-refundable. But in case the Competition will be cancelled due to a Covid_19 restrictions, we will reimburse the amount in full on your account. 
  • Applications deadline is 2nd of July 2024.
  • The decision on admission to the competition will be release by 15 of July 2024 at the latest. The selected competitors will receive a notification by email. For the second round the Jury will pick out approx. 15 competitors.
  • Piano accompanists (second round) will be available for all competitors. Fee for the official accompanist is EUR 40, the fee will be paid during the registration in Prague before the second round (not together with the application fee) 
  • The final round will be together with an orchestra. The competition organiser reserves the right to hold the final round with piano accompaniment. Such change will be published on the competition website no later than by the end of June 2024.

The organizer of the competition is authorized to photograph, film and make sound recordings and/or digital/electronic recordings at all concerts or events within the period of the competition and to use these recordings for publicity purposes. In particular the organizer reserves the right to authorize radio and TV stations to record and broadcast (e.g. via radio and television, including on-line) all events of the competition. No claims for reimbursement for participants may arise from this.

The competition organizer reserves the right to use selections from the competitions and prize winners’ concerts on a CD and/or DVD, which will serve to publicize the participants and document the competition. Beyond this, the competition organizer reserves the right to release and distribute or permit the distribution on its own or through third parties of contributions to the competition in sound form, on analogue and/ or digital sound or data media in any format or process (including as digital downloads via online distributors), either commercially or non-commercially.

The declaration of understanding on the part of the competition participants shall be considered given with the registration to participate in the competition: the same applies to transfer of broadcast rights in keeping with the aforementioned conditions. The prize winners have no claim to additional compensation.

Prize winners are obliged to perform at the Prize Winner Concert without a fee. The financial awards are subject to tax and/or other possible deductions in accordance with laws and regulations valid in the Czech Republic. In case of unpredictable circumstances (restriction due to a Covid_19 pandemia), we might turn into an online version of the competition to guarantee competitors safety. The organizer cannot accept any responsibility for the competitors’ instruments and their personal property.

Competitors are responsible for arranging and paying their travel costs, own accommodations, as well as for the travel costs and accommodation of any pianist that they bring to perform with them. The organiser is not responsible for underage competitors nor liable for any potential damage that may arise during the course of the competition.

By sending in the application form, the participants consent to the above competition guidelines. By submitting the application, the participants guarantee the correctness of their personal data. Applications that do not meet the requirements of the competition can be rejected. These decisions are final and incontestable. 

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